Sherry Kappel

Sherry Kappel

Raleigh, NC Website Twitter

OHF Weekly Managing Editor, poet, essayist, and Univ of Pittsburgh MFA graduate. Sherry looks for the best in people and is driven in life and her writing by empathy. She loves her family and running.

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Sherry Kappel

Happy Valentine’s Day

A few inspired words on the transformative nature of love by acclaimed author, poet, and Civil Rights activist Maya Angelou

The OHF Weekly Editors
Sherry Kappel

The Sherry Kappel Issue

The Sherry Kappel Issue: On her deep appreciation of Black literature, the use of race as a diversionary tactic, and her epiphany that all white people are racists

Sherry Kappel

Growing Hope

Hope is a delicate seed that must be nourished by the entire community to flourish; but what happens when it is not? And can we afford to let it keep withering across America?

Sherry Kappel

We’re All Racists

Before you pop a gasket, let’s unpack it a bit and talk about why it’s so important to acknowledge

Sherry Kappel

My Guardian Angels

A thank you to all the Black men I’ve never known. Fortunately, the age of chivalry isn’t completely dead

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