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Meister Käßner

Farewell Affirmative Action?

While the SCOTUS beat Sandra Day O’Connor’s timetable by five years, we have clearly not gotten past racism ... any glance at the headlines over the past fifteen or more years reveals the ways America is still mired in racism.

The OHF Weekly Editors

Love Letters to the Family

OHF WEEKLY, VOL. 5 NO. 6: Editor’s Letter, “Is God Love?,” “My Journey into Blackness,” “On Icons and Justice,” ”Respect and Love,” and “When Confronting Racism, All You Need Is Love. Well, Sort Of”

The OHF Weekly Editors
Sherry Kappel
stephen matlock
Clay Rivers

On Icons and Justice

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 17: Sherry Kappel on the role of an icon and the purpose they do—or don’t—fulfill. What are their qualifications? When do they do more harm than good? And other related topics

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