The OHF Weekly Editors

The OHF Weekly Editors

The Editors of the online publication OHF Weekly: Clay Rivers and Sherry Kappel. Love one another.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fond Valentine’s Day wishes to you and your beloveds, a poem by luminous Nikki Giovanni, and links to articles on love–OHF Weekly style.

Calling All Poets to Tapestry

Tapestry, a new section of OHF Weekly devoted to poetry, celebrates both our similarities and differences, but most of all our shared humanity.

Liberals, Allies, and Other Misnomers

OHF WEEKLY, Vol. 6 No. 2: Editor’s Letter: “Liberals, Allies, and Other Misnomers,“ “Diversifying Citizen Science Projects,” “The Country That Cried Wolf,” “Calling all Poets to Tapestry,” and a Japanese proverb.

Happy Holidays!

OHF WEEKLY, Vol. 5 No. 43 A message from the OHF Weekly editors, “Increasing Racial Diversity without Affirmative Action,” and a quote by Amanda Gorman.

Should White Folks Be Silent about Racism?

OHF WEEKLY, Vol. 5 No. 42: Editor’s Letter; Articles on Why Orgs Fail at DEI, the Holidays and the Enslaved; Racism in Public Education; A Course on How Newspapers Covered Lynchings; and a quote by Lorraine Hansberry.

The World Is on Fire

OHF WEEKLY, Vol. 5 No. 39: Editor’s Letter, “Gun Violence Comes from Mob Rule,” “Losing a White Friend Due to His Racism,” “All Bigotry Is Ignorance, But Not All Ignorance Is Bigotry,” and a quote by Dorothy Height.

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