stephen matlock

stephen matlock

stephen matlock, a part-time author and gardener in the Pacific Northwest often overwhelmed by both words and weeds, has been writing about his journey into inclusion and diversity for a dozen years.

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Speaking in a New Tongue

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 24: Stephen Matlock presents a path to peace and safety to all; Clay Rivers tells why “LGBTQ Christian” is not a contradiction in terms; and the OHF Weekly Editors announce a sweeping redesign.

Rebuilding Safe Harbors

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 22: Stephen Matlock on Buffalo and the work of justice; Consuelo G. Flores on creating an inclusive and diverse future; a call to action by Clay Rivers; and the ongoing work of antiracism by Madison Pattin

On Icons and Justice

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 17: Sherry Kappel on the role of an icon and the purpose they do—or don’t—fulfill. What are their qualifications? When do they do more harm than good? And other related topics

Resistance Is the Price of Justice

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 11: Sylvia Wohlfarth on the discrimination faced by Africans fleeing the conflict in Ukraine, and stephen matlock on the continuous need to push for justice

Happy Valentine’s Day

A few inspired words on the transformative nature of love by acclaimed author, poet, and Civil Rights activist Maya Angelou

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