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OHF Weekly Editors
stephen matlock
Clay Rivers

Speaking in a New Tongue

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 24: Stephen Matlock presents a path to peace and safety to all; Clay Rivers tells why “LGBTQ Christian” is not a contradiction in terms; and the OHF Weekly Editors announce a sweeping redesign.

OHF Weekly Editors
Clay Rivers
James Finn
Sherry Kappel

Uvalde: Killing in the Classroom

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 23: Clay Rivers on another mass shooting, this one at Robb Elementary. Why? James Finn on the love, esteem, activism, and joy of Pride; Sherry Kappel on the goal of parenthood for LGBTQ couples.

Sherry Kappel

The Biology of the Heart

For the average male and female couple, making a baby is usually a fun, easy process. It is almost always problematic for members of the gay community, but no less a life goal.

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