Clay Rivers

Clay Rivers

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OHF Weekly Editor-in-Chief and Our Human Family Founder. Artist, author, accidental activist. Love one another.

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How Do “You” Vote?

OHF WEEKLY, VOL. 5 NO. 27: Editor’s Letter, “Visiting the Free State of George Floyd,” “Humanity on Trial in Minneapolis,” “It’s Not About You. It was Never About You,” a little history about Ocoee, and a quote by Colin Powell.

Nice Democracy You Have There . . .

OHF WEEKLY, VOL. 5 NO. 24: Editor’s Letter, “White Supremacy Always Deals from the Bottom of the Deck,” “SCOTUS Gone Amok,” “Hope Amidst Hopelessness,” “Patriots in Song and Heart,” “What, to the Slave, Is the Fourth of July?” and a quote by Justice Jackson.

Talking with People About Racism

OHF WEEKLY, VOL. 5 NO. 23: Editor’s Letter, “The Southern Baptists,” “Moral Bankruptcy: The Hidden Cost of Privilege,” “Provincetown: Built by and for the LGBTQ Community,” and a quote by Michelle Obama.

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