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Clay Rivers

It’s Never Too Late

For Black People, Indigenous People, and People of Color, there’s a world of folks anticipating our failure. We don’t need to be one of them. Here’s a little something to hopefully prop you up and help you on your way.

The OHF Weekly Editors
Clay Rivers
Glenn Rocess
William Spivey

Just Stop Already

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 25: On the nature of cake and convictions; the origins of America’s mass shootings; the sixth anniversary of the Pulse shooting; the origins of Juneteenth; and a special shout-out to just about everyone’s first hero—dad.

The OHF Weekly Editors
Clay Rivers
Rebecca Hyman
William Spivey
Jesse Wilson

The Simplicity of Equality

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 12: All who journey to equality follow the same principle: the humanity they see in themselves is identical to that in someone else

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