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Michael Greiner

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Dr. Michael Greiner has worked in politics, in government, and as a lawyer. Now, he teaches, researches and writes about the intersection of politics, government, economics and the law.

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Michael Greiner

The Relevance of Politics

As any economist will tell you, resources are limited. Society’s goal is always to make the pie bigger. How the pie gets divided between the few and the masses is where politics comes in.

The OHF Weekly Editors
Sherry Kappel
Michael Greiner

Why Do We Show Up to Vote?

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 39: Sherry Kappel on why we show up to vote; Michael Greiner on two separate strategies politicians and the superrich know that you should know, too; and a quote by Coretta Scott King

The OHF Weekly Editors
Michael Greiner
Ben Lane

On the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 27: Our Human Family, the SCOTUS, and Roe; Frederick Douglass’s 1852 assessment of July 4th’s meaning to the enslaved; Michael Greiner on a favorite strategy of the rich; and Ben Lane on the national anthem, Lady Liberty, and more.

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