Michael Greiner

Michael Greiner

Detroit, Michigan Website Twitter

Dr. Michael Greiner has worked in politics, in government, and as a lawyer. Now, he teaches, researches and writes about the intersection of politics, government, economics and the law.

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The OHF Weekly Editors
Michael Greiner
Ben Lane

On the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 27: Our Human Family, the SCOTUS, and Roe; Frederick Douglass’s 1852 assessment of July 4th’s meaning to the enslaved; Michael Greiner on a favorite strategy of the rich; and Ben Lane on the national anthem, Lady Liberty, and more.

The OHF Weekly Editors
Clay Rivers
John Metta
Michael Greiner
Rebecca Hyman

Is God Love?

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 18: Clay Rivers, John Metta, Michael Greiner, and Rebecca Hyman tackle love in Christianity, surviving and thriving as a Black person in white America, the benefits of restorative justice, and the origins of whiteness

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