Glenn Rocess

Glenn Rocess

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Glenn Rocess is retired Navy, has traveled five continents, and worn many hats. Most importantly, he is a dad, a husband of twenty-eight years, and fears nothing except his wife’s guilt trips.

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Talking with People About Racism

OHF WEEKLY, VOL. 5 NO. 23: Editor’s Letter, “The Southern Baptists,” “Moral Bankruptcy: The Hidden Cost of Privilege,” “Provincetown: Built by and for the LGBTQ Community,” and a quote by Michelle Obama.

The Race Massacres They Never Taught Us About in School

The only race massacre in American history I learned about in K-12 school was of the slaughter of white soldiers. We were also taught about the Trail of Tears, though in retrospect, it seems our history classes spent as much time on that one event as on all the centuries of slavery itself.

Just Stop Already

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 25: On the nature of cake and convictions; the origins of America’s mass shootings; the sixth anniversary of the Pulse shooting; the origins of Juneteenth; and a special shout-out to just about everyone’s first hero—dad.

Gun Violence in America, the NRA, and Racism

How did we reach this point where mass shootings have become commonplace? Those of us who are older remember a time long before Columbine, when school shootings were simply unheard of. What changed? As with so many of our nation’s shortcomings, it begins with racism.

The Glenn Rocess Issue

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 3: Glenn Rocess’ OHF Family Tree interview in which he explains how leaving racism meant leaving his family and the rippling effects of Sidney Poitier’s inspiring and transcendent life

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