Views on racial equity, allyship, and inclusion by Our Human Family

Madison Pattin

The Ongoing Work of Antiracism

When it comes to the work of antiracism, many ask themselves, “How much is enough? What are the quantitative means by which I can track my progress? Is there a finish line as an antiracist?” This article addresses these questions ...

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OHF Weekly

OHF WEEKLY: Vol. 3 No. 8

Guess who got a brand new web presence for their second anniversary! And we're celebrating with articles by William Spivey and Glenn Rocess! Come check it out and get your cake and champagne—WOOT! ...

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stephen matlock

Making the Past the Past

For white American Christians, racism is an extraordinarily stubborn sin, resistant to being identified, named as wrong, being called out as wrong, and being expunged from the life of the holy believer ...

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Sherry Kappel

The Biology of the Heart

For the average male and female couple, making a baby is usually a fun, easy process. It is almost always problematic for members of the gay community, but no less a life goal ...

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