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Love One Another (2024)

OHF WEEKLY, VOL. 6 NO. 7 Let’s stop the denials, the what-aboutism, and the gaslighting and get about the real business of dismantling racism and extending the love of Christ to everyone.

Diversity Must Transcend Fear

Research concludes that the distrust many white people have for their neighbors is a result of their own discomfort with living among diverse racial groups.

What’s Wrong with White Feminism?

OHF WEEKLY, VOL. 6 NO. 6: Editor’s Letter, “My Reflections on Racism: An Irish Approach,” “Black Women’s Integral Role in the Women’s Suffrage Movement,” and a quote by Meghan Markle.

Renewing in Hope

OHF WEEKLY, Vol. 6 No. 5: Guest Editor’s Letter, Black History Month 2024–the Wrap-Up (Tapestry Poems, Articles, Editorial, and Newsletters), and a quote by Tony Ross.

Anger, Racism, and Black Women

OHF WEEKLY, Vol. 6 No. 4 Editor’s Letter, Frederick Douglass: An American in Ireland (Parts I, II, and III), “Anti-Racism 101: Own Your Racism,” “Let’s Talk Black Excellence, People,” and a quote by Thurgood Marshall.

Anti-Racism 101: Own Your Racism

Point out sexist or homophobic behaviour, and white people will try to laugh it off. But racism? They’re outraged. Most of us will declare we’re anti-racist, but few of us are actively anti-racist.

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