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stephen matlock
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How I Talk to White People About Racism

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 34: Clay Rivers on best practices for talking about race; Stephen Matlock on how actions not intentions matter when harm is inflicted on BIPOC; Kim McCaul on the difficulty white people have in seeing their racism, and announcing Lecia Michelle’s new book The White Allies Handbook.

Clay Rivers
Sherry Kappel
Peter Faur

Exactly How Much Hatred Is Enough?

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 33: Clay Rivers asks “Exactly How Much Hatred Is Enough?”; Peter Faur on St. Louis’ residual Jim Crow racism; all hail, the Queen of Soul; Sherry Kappel’s wake-up call for would-be allies; and a quote by bell hooks.

The OHF Weekly Editors

Happy Birthday, James Baldwin!

We celebrate the life, literature, and legacy of the incomparable James Baldwin, one of America’s most impactful and prescient writers, and share works by John Metta, William Spivey, and Rebecca Hyman that honor Baldwin’s “A Letter to My Nephew.”

Clay Rivers

It’s Never Too Late

For Black People, Indigenous People, and People of Color, there’s a world of folks anticipating our failure. We don’t need to be one of them. Here’s a little something to hopefully prop you up and help you on your way.

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