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Glenn Rocess

The Race Massacres They Never Taught Us About in School

The only race massacre in American history I learned about in K-12 school was of the slaughter of white soldiers. We were also taught about the Trail of Tears, though in retrospect, it seems our history classes spent as much time on that one event as on all the centuries of slavery itself.

Clay Rivers

Afrophobia. Yes, It’s a Thing.

What makes some folks think it’s acceptable to treat Black people with contempt ranging from the veiled to the brazenly naked? And why do other folks treat us as the peers we are? You know, with genuine conviviality and all? After living in Black skin every day for well...

The OHF Weekly Editors

Racism Masked as Fandom

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 37: Clay Rivers on racism masking itself as fandom; the Jesse Wilson’s OHF Family Tree interview, Sylvia Wohlfarth’s award-winning “Down the Rabbit Hole,” and a quote from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The OHF Weekly Editors

How I Talk to White People About Racism

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 34: Best practices for talking about race; how actions not intentions matter when harm is inflicted on BIPOC; the difficulty white people have in seeing their racism, and announcing Lecia Michelle’s new book The White Allies Handbook.

The OHF Weekly Editors

Exactly How Much Hatred Is Enough?

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 33: Clay Rivers asks “Exactly How Much Hatred Is Enough?”; Peter Faur on St. Louis’ residual Jim Crow racism; all hail, the Queen of Soul; Sherry Kappel’s wake-up call for would-be allies; and a quote by bell hooks.

The OHF Weekly Editors
Michael Greiner
Ben Lane

On the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 27: Our Human Family, the SCOTUS, and Roe; Frederick Douglass’s 1852 assessment of July 4th’s meaning to the enslaved; Michael Greiner on a favorite strategy of the rich; and Ben Lane on the national anthem, Lady Liberty, and more.

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