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The OHF Weekly Editors
Clay Rivers
John Metta
Michael Greiner
Rebecca Hyman

Is God Love?

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 18: Clay Rivers, John Metta, Michael Greiner, and Rebecca Hyman tackle love in Christianity, surviving and thriving as a Black person in white America, the benefits of restorative justice, and the origins of whiteness

John Metta

Such a Thing as Grace

What does it take to survive as a Black person in a predominantly white world?John Metta shares the answer in this letter to his niece, Jayla, inspired by James Baldwin’s “Letter to My Nephew”

The OHF Weekly Editors
Clay Rivers
stephen matlock
Sherry Kappel

Happy Valentine’s Day

A few inspired words on the transformative nature of love by acclaimed author, poet, and Civil Rights activist Maya Angelou

Clay Rivers

I Had to Say It Again

One time I asked my mother what she sought to impart to her students over the years. Without missing a beat, she told me

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