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The OHF Weekly Editors

When There’s Skin in the Game

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 48: One of the main reasons Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are skeptical of allyship is because we have seen that plot line played out too many times, and rarely does it vary. The plot unfolds something like this . . .

Clay Rivers

Afrophobia. Yes, It’s a Thing.

What makes some folks think it’s acceptable to treat Black people with contempt ranging from the veiled to the brazenly naked? And why do other folks treat us as the peers we are? You know, with genuine conviviality and all? After living in Black skin every day for well...

The OHF Weekly Editors

How I Talk to White People About Racism

OHF WEEKLY, VOL 4 NO 34: Best practices for talking about race; how actions not intentions matter when harm is inflicted on BIPOC; the difficulty white people have in seeing their racism, and announcing Lecia Michelle’s new book The White Allies Handbook.

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