Here we are again. Another heaping of social injustice served up at the expense of another Black life snuffed out with impunity. (Correction: expendable Black life snuffed out with impunity.) That in the 21st century, groups of people find it acceptable and enable others to trample upon the humanity of others is a disgrace. These situations beg the question: why is it that some white people can easily grasp what Black people experience in the United States and others find it nearly impossible? The reason will not surprise you.

For Argument’s Sake

Let’s swap out Black people for short-statured people. No average-sized person can fully understand the challenges that we Little People face: the physical challenges of living in a world is not built to our scale. Everyday items like staircases, upper kitchen cabinets, top shelves in grocery stores, and driving vehicles provide their own unique set of challenges . . . you get the picture. Then there are the day-to-day emotional challenges of dealing with people who gawk and stare.