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The World Is on Fire

OHF WEEKLY, Vol. 5 No. 39: Editor’s Letter, “Gun Violence Comes from Mob Rule,” “Losing a White Friend Due to His Racism,” “All Bigotry Is Ignorance, But Not All Ignorance Is Bigotry,” and a quote by Dorothy Height.

The Simplicity of Equality

OHF WEEKLY, Vol. 5 No. 38: Editor’s Letter, “Barbie, Star Wars, and Why Revolutions Happen,” “Cadavers of the Poor and Black Dissected without Consent,” and a quote by Quincy Jones.

With Allyship, It’s Best if You Do You

OHF WEEKLY, Vol. 5 No. 35: Editor’s Letter, “Do Old Wounds Ever Heal,” “Workers Like it When Their Employers Talk about DEI,” “Controlling Access to Success,” “I Am Not Your Diversity,” and a quote by Denzel Washington.

Our Medium Day After-Party: An OHF Q&A

OHF WEEKLY, Vol. 5 No. 31: Editor’s Letter, “Men and Mental Health,” “The Contributions Enslaved Africans Made to American Society,” “Hope and Despair,” and a quote by Nelson Mandela.

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