Nichelle Nichols is arguably one of the most important television actors ever. As the first Black woman to have a leading role in a television series, Nichols broke racial barriers and stereotypes as Star Trek’s communications officer, Lieutenant Uhura, during the turbulent 1960s.

Growing up and seeing her on “Star Trek” was . . . to use a well-worn term . . . inspiring. She was one of us, the incarnation of the beauty, intelligence, and poise we Black folks saw in our mothers, sisters, aunts, and cousins. Nichols represented all that society denied Black women were. Hers was the career that launched the imagination and possibilities of what could be for thousands of little Black girls.

Check out this revealing interview Ms. Nichols’ gave to Smithsonian Channel.

Ms. Nichols was eighty-nine years old. May the ancestors welcome her warmly.

Clay Rivers
OHF Weekly Editor-in-Chief

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