OHF Weekly is currently unable to pay writers, the same as many fine Medium publications with larger readerships. It pains me to tell writers who’ve written for the Associated Press, Billboard, Huffington Post, NBC News, Paper, The Guardian, The Washington Post, etc., of our situation. As an art director and writer myself, I understand all too well how this is not an appealing arrangement for neither established nor new writers. Unfortunately, these are the parameters OHF Weekly must work within. I do not resent writers who view this situation as a dealbreaker. No one wishes the circumstances were different more than I.

Even still there are writers, new writers, freelance writers, award-winning journalists, attorneys, and even a well-known antiracism author, and educators that have lent their voices to this publication, despite our lack of funding. And I am grateful for each one of them.

Why are we essentially writing for free?

Well, I cannot speak for the writers. I do this because I believe OHF Weekly’s message is relevant. I have been denied opportunities due to preconceptions but also provided access thanks to advocacy. I understand the power of allyship and the richer truth of lived experience. People can change when they know change is possible,

I like to think that the writers who submit articles endure the collaborative editing process and subsequent rewrites because they, too, believe in this publication and its message. So there you have it.

If any writer decides to pitch OHF Weekly, I encourage them to drop us a line. And if not, believe me, I understand. Know that I want nothing more than to compensate them for their meaningful work. It’s only fair.

Love one another.

Clay Rivers
Our Human Family, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Ramiro Mendes on Unsplash