“How do you love?” she wondered.

Do skipped heartbeats feel different?
in a bust size of 36 C
versus the girl that lives down the street
the one you snicker at—
‘Gimme some flattened meat,’ you tease
Do skinny arms in spaghetti straps
hug tighter
than veiled arms dressed in black?
do red lips better idealize?
do parched lips not light up your eyes?
is a love blackened by trial and error?
not red enough for you to mirror?
for love you see, thrives
when you give love back,
it multiplies.

“How do you hurt?” she reflected.

Do you feel blue?
do your wounds bleed a separate hue?
when you meet hate and ridicule
do you protest?
is justice just for a few?
If caught in a whirlpool
of ghoul and all that’s cruel
does your soul not cringe with rue?
does an abyss take you down a different view?
for if you let it
for me and you
pain serves as a portal of consciousness too
to awaken
to learn
to grow through.

“How do you heal?” she realized.

Do your lungs need hope
to cope
underneath the seethe
don’t we all need to let go?
Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.
do you live to another beat?
why not then with faith sow
seeds for a better tomorrow
let peace be the nurturing light
bathe in its translucent white
you restore—I’ll rebuild
together, we’ll make the wrong, right
for each other let’s come through
after all, I am just another you.

Top photo by Nicholas Beel on Unsplash

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