we stand at the edge of history,
one foot mired in ignorance,
another forcefully placed
in knowledge,
a wealth of information
once the purview of
a ridiculously small proportion
of the human race,
now hovers within everyone’s grasp

our ancestors,
forced blind, turned insular
by the multiplicity of things
beyond their ken,
wrote laws that served them
and their much smaller worlds

but we,
we float on a sea of information,
a global network of wisdom
lies within a finger’s touch;
our world is more than
the length of a few days walk,
more than the homogeneity
of a closed population

we can no longer hide
behind the veil of ignorance,
we possess the tools
to dispel the night,
to usher in a new dawn

so pick up that mired foot,
set it on the path
to understanding,
leash your prejudices,
give a second to reason and judge,
the data, the truth is within grasp

let yourself see humanity for what it is

the geographies of a smile
know no boundaries,
the trust of a child
catalyses the same warmth,
a loving word feels the same
in every language

see beyond the mere facades
that separate us
into genders, races, castes;
beyond mere peccadilloes,
or choices or predilections,
look beyond the skin
and you will see
in their cores

humans are humans are humans

so let us band together
in understanding,
to build on the gifts
this age of knowledge
has given us,
reach with empathy
to the core of humanity,
acknowledge each other

together we will be
the mountain
no storm can shake,
together we will be
the foundation
of a true golden age,
where we are all known
by one epithet only


Photo by Paul Blenkhorn in Unsplash

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