“The Hill We Climb”
Was such a moment in time
Stunning us with love & light
Singing from a Moment so bright
Our yellow canary spoke from her heart
She sang!
From. Our. Hearts.
From OUR voices
Channeling words,
Our human family choices

And we?
We had arrived tired that day
Beat down from insurrection
Yet hopeful of resurrection

For we had been seeing
The truth
The deceit
The deception
We had watched week after week new videos and news
Of horror and brutality
Never ending stories on repeat of our society’s reality
It felt so incredibly heavy . . .

So to FINALLY see this reception
With a beautiful Canary leading us to a new perception
Was a gift
Amanda the sun
We so badly needed
“Bring us light” we pleaded
She provided us
A “safe space” if you will . . .
of decompressing
Just maybe—
We were finally progressing?

Amanda sung the inauguration anthem for expressing
This blessing
And for a moment in time
“The Hill We Climb”
Gave us pause to exhale in our rejoices
Swim in Hope
Feel our Dreams
She was such a bright
Image of light
Freedom visions
A yellow bird carrying such wisdom

Today we step forward in hope
And more importantly action
Channeling a canary’s courage
So this world can flourish

“Canary Vintage Painting,” Karen Arnold. Public Domain Images

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