I've been a statistic all my life, and all my life I've fought to make those statistics null and void in the lives of my children. At an early age, I became three negative statistics, destined for failure:
    1. a runaway/homeless foster youth
    2. a teenage mom
    3. a high school dropout

Society Labels Us

At seventeen, I ran away from my foster group home, became pregnant, and at eighteen married a violent, abusive, predator four years my senior so that my son wouldn’t be a “bastard” to appease religious and non-religious folks alike in the Bible Belt. Little did I know that the marriage saddled me with another negative statistic: my life would be a harrowing uphill climb. Completing high school was no longer an option for me. Because I left state custody, if I re-enrolled in school there was a strong possibility I would be picked up by the South Carolina Department of Social Services, which was a risk I wasn’t willing to take. I became another statistic: an official high school dropout.