In the southeastern United States, the climate is unmistakably subtropic. That means high temperatures and equally high humidity. Think weather conditions similar to the oven setting bake with a high probability of hurricanes. With that said, the cooler, drier fall and winter months are my favorite times of the year. Throw in fall food, sweaters, and the holidays, and life in Florida is almost livable.

With shorter daylight hours, holiday prep, and increased seasonal events, day-to-day events transform November and December into a breakneck downhill race to the new year. Personally, I prefer Thanksgiving to the commercial Christmas season. But that’s not to say Thanksgiving is free and clear of issues.

Due to an increased interest in facilitating racial equity via truth and reconciliation, more people are avoiding long-accepted fairy tale versions of our American history and delving into more factual accounts. Thanksgiving is a prime example. The sanitized versions of British colonists sitting down for a communal harvest feast with a group of their indigenous neighbors at that first Thanksgiving are a little too idealized, much like those ubiquitous Publix supermarket commercials.

To leap from the harvest feast of 1621 to Thanksgiving 2022 without considering the impact of colonization on American Indians is problematic at best. Survey descendants of the colonists, and many will tell you things have worked out pretty well for them. But speak with the descendants of Wampanoag and the descendants of other Native Americans, and a different story emerges; an unflattering saga of encroachment, attacks, broken treaties, stolen land, long and bloody wars, genocide, and more.

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