We are excited to announce that OHFWeekly.org has had a little work done, and we think the results beautiful! While you’ll see that it looks a little different, with somewhat different colors, fonts, and layout, the biggest changes are under the hood:

  • Loads super-duper fast!
  • Looks good on desktops, phones, and tablets (oh my!)
  • Search capabilities!
  • Slider Series that describes who we are and what we do!
  • Tag page listing all the hot topics (okay, it’s a work in progress)!
  • Dedicated subscription page!

Yes, that’s a lot of exclamation points! Seriously, it’s nice to refresh the look and feel periodically so that the site looks fresh and modern, but it’s even more critical to ensure that it has the same great technological features people come to expect in a well-built site.

Have you been to the site lately, and had a look around? Now’s a good time to do it! Reacquaint yourself with some great writers and some wonderful articles, see what’s new, and, most importantly, revisit our mission toward racial equity, allyship, and inclusion. As bleak as the world can seem sometimes, OHF Weekly readers are a beacon of hope and we know that with the right motivation, people can change—when they want to, when they believe change is possible, and when they know how. But it will take all of us, working together, to get the world across that finish line.

So again, come back to visit OHFWeekly.org. Appreciate the new look. Enjoy the new technology. Stay for the inspiration.

Love one another.

Clay, Stephen, and Sherry
The OHF Weekly Editors

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