OHF Weekly Goes Open Access

In April 2020, Our Human Family launched OHF Weekly. Building a new online presence on a relatively new platform with many moving parts involved a considerable learning curve. To better serve you, our readers, and to keep up with the changing landscape of digital publishing during these Coronavirus times, we’ve made a couple of major adjustments to the way we operate.

First, we have eliminated our paywall and made all articles available free of charge. Now everyone can share OHF Weekly stories with friends and family via email, social media, or text message without the hassle of limited access.

Second, our subscriptions are free to have our articles and newsletters delivered to your email inbox

And finally, we have moved to a donation-based business model. Your tax-deductible donations, large or small, individual or corporate, to Our Human Family, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, will enable us to keep the lights on and make competitive compensation for our editorial staff and writers a reality.

OHF Weekly is inspired by the reality that despite the racial bigotry, hate speech, and acts of violence, there are scores of people working to make the world—their world, their sphere of influence—more equitable by dispelling the lie of race and the practice of racism, and replacing them with the truth of love and equality.

Love one another.

Clay Rivers
Our Human Family, Founder and Editorial Director

Photo by Yogesh Pedamkar on Unsplash