Views on racial equity, allyship, and inclusion by Our Human Family

OHF Weekly

Volume 3 Number 14A

In This Issue: “The Equal People 2021 Wrap-Up,” 11 poems from the week, a legacy article by William Spivey, “A Fond Farewell to a Member of Our Human Family,” and something for your upcoming week ...

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Indira Reddy


Amorphous are the lines of humanity, the core remains constant. Although the past was mired in ignorance, we now have access to the knowledge that offers us a shared humanity and its joys ...

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Erika Burkhalter

When Hope and History Rhyme

For too long, America has traveled a dark path—but Amanda Gorman shone a beacon on the proverbial path less taken. Her words are opening our eyes and minds to a better way to be ...

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A Nation Bruised

All too often, our country leaves us black and blue. But no matter the injury, we have to keep fighting and love can deliver a knockout punch if we simply give it the chance ...

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D Abboh

Daring to Hope

Holding on from here to there; between light and dark days…is hope enough or should we even sing that hymn when our days are too often exhausting, broken and breathless? ...

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Jack Herlocker

Only When

What will it take for people see the injustice in our “justice” system? Must a person experience something to understand how wrong it is? Will that ever happen? ...

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Ré Harris


Who am I? Why do you only see outlines—why can’t you see more of me? You get to pick and choose what little you wish to see, but the pain and misperceptions hurt all of me ...

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Sherry Kappel

Growing Hope

Hope is a delicate seed that must be nourished by the entire community to flourish; but what happens when it is not? And can we afford to let it keep withering across America? ...

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Jen Whitney


“The Hill We Climb” Was such a moment in time Stunning us with love & light Singing from a Moment so bright ...

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